composer, conductor (pulse giver), arranger, flutist, clarinetist and stalwart of the local church choir (where he decorates the first baritone section)

Joe Bloggs's green tea and vegetable web links

I'm the greatest! Joe Bloggs rules! But here are a few links to sites - apart from the first one - which are not quite as good as mine :

JOE BLOGGS RULES - Me - I'm the greatest

Rabbit food, carrot shavings and pulses

Alice McVeigh, who created me (in her agony aunt column Ask Alice) and who can make your text much better than it would be if you wrote it yourself!!!!!

A Joe Bloggs protest song

Music and Vision magazine, who host Alice's column

Orion Computer Consultants Ltd, who can make you a site much better than this one (plug plug)!!

Ludwig van Beethoven

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